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Dogado venesian

News 2015 for collectors:

Silver coin 925 produced in Veneto, by merger by master jeweler, limited edition.

This issue 2015 uncirculated - the first instance, is characterized by a rare programmed that it will grow in value over time on the collector's market compared to subsequent issues that will be of the highest circulation.

Composition: 925 silver alloy to 75 per 1000 copper that makes the silver always brilliant.

Diameter 23.1 mm, thickness 2.1 mm, weight 7.8 g.

Representing both the Lion in moeca with the inscription in Venetian and English on the perimeter "Venetian Dogado Venesian - Pal so valor - By its value."

On the other side depicts the Lion of St. Mark with the open Book and the words "POPOLO VENESIAN", 2015 (separated in two by Lion), "pal so valor." In addition there are two engravings bearing the qualification and 925 (only for this issue !!) an indication of the master jeweler.


NOTE : The cost for the shipment of this product (via Italian Registered Mail Foreign) is 15.00 € 



Dogado in silver - Brilliant Uncirculated - First production

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Amount: 3
Price: 30.00 € included VAT